New England Dance Arts - SHOWCASE 2019 Video
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NOTE: Special Pricing for Digital Downloads - only $35.00 each 

Digital downloads are full high definition videos which you download much like Netflix or Amazon Prime video.  
DVDs and BluRay discs are also available at $45.00 cost (same as last year price).

Video of the New England Dance Arts 2019 SHOWCASE performance.  Contains the Saturday May 25, 2019  performance at the Parsons Complex in Milford, CT.

High definition Blu-Ray disks are available as an option no additional charge.  NOTE: Blu Ray player is required to view Blu-Ray disks.

Videos will be delivered to the studio approximately 6-10 weeks after the performance date.  An option is available to have the videos shipped directly to your home for an additional $7.50 charge.


Connecticut sales tax will be added to all orders.

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New England Dance Arts - SHOWCASE 2019 Video

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